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Synergy Quantum today announced it has completed a pre-series A funding round

Geneva – April 20, 2022

Synergy Quantum, a Swiss based quantum technology company, today announced it has completed a pre-series A funding round. The investment is led by Swiss and international private investors.

"At Synergy Quantum, we are focused on building high impact industry solutions using Quantum Technologies. We are excited with the three recent contracts we have signed with a Swiss Private Bank for a client communication and data protection app, a research and design of a post quantum encrypted secure chip with a major European Semiconductor company, and the development of quantum satellite communication with the Quantum Mission of the Government of India. We are very encouraged by the trust shown by our investors backing us up in our journey to materialize commercial quantum computing advantage in real life applications. This is a wonderful recognition for our highly talented team."

Jay Oberai, Founder and CEO of Synergy Quantum.

"We congratulate Synergy Quantum for completing this round of the capital raise. We are very excited by the progress of Synergy Quantum and are proud to support them as part of the Microsoft for Start-ups Program. We look forward to a continued strong collaboration in the future"

Philipp Pabst, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft for Start-ups.

At the core of all Synergy Quantum Technologies is our innovative use of Post Quantum Encryption (PQE) security. In 2021 Synergy Quantum produced the world's first Post-Quantum Encrypted future-proof closed communication network, patents filed.

The company is expanding towards the banking industry, Government National Identity Programs, secure microchips, and beyond. We intend to use the current funding round to expand our team as well as to increase the marketing power.

For more information:

Contact Jonatan Lisalde +41223462727

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